Methoxyestratetraenone (MEO-EST)
  • Methoxyestratetraenone (commonly abbreviated MEO-EST) is the common name for several steroid hormones with moderate estrogenic activity. Most of these molecules are of equilin origin. Because of the potential for estrogenic activity, it is recommended that pheromones sold under this name be used with caution and sprayed on clothing rather than skin.

    The only variant currently available from a commercial provider is commonly referred to as equilin methyl ether.

    History of Use as a Pheromone

    Methoxyestratetraenone was once sold by Androtics, although the origins and molecular specifics of their supply were not made public. There was some discussion during this time as to what molecule the name MEO-EST actually referred to. Dianne Winters, who would later enter the pheromone business herself under the company name Paradise 7, speculated that it was likely to be one of two molecules:
    • 3-MEO-1,3,5(10),9(11)-estratetraen-17-one (human)
    • 1,3,5(10), 7-Estratetraen-3-OL-17-ONE Methyl Ester (equilin)

    Androtics has claimed numerous times that all their products are of human origin. If this is true, then the former is likely the molecule which has been widely reported on.

    The methoxyestratetraenone which is currently available to consumers come from True Pheromones, and is manufactured by Molcan, which lists the molecule as:
    • Estratetraenone Methyl Ether
    • 3-Methoxy-Estra-1,3,5(10),8-Tetraen-17-One
    • CAS Number: 6030-83-7

    There have so far been no good reports from users of this molecule, and so it is unknown whether methoxyestratetraenone will produce the same effects described below, which have been culled from reports by users of the Androtics product.

    Pheromone Effects from Field Reports

    Methoxyestratetraenone exhibits very little noticeable activity on its own at doses below 50mcg. However, at lower dose ranges its seems to increase, enhance, and disinhibit the effects of other pheromones. It has been called the "MSG of pheromones." At very low doses, MEO-EST has been reported to add physical closeness to a mix.

    Effects seem most varied at doses from 30 to 75mcg. A common effect in this range is increased focus on immediate experience. Some users report relaxation, mood enhancement, and decreased social inhibition while others report agitation or depression. Methoxyestratetraenone seems to be particularly comforting and arousing to women. Some report sedation, while others report feeling energized and motivated. At doses in this range and higher, users report impaired attention and concentration, decreased motor coordination, forgetfulness, and unusually vivid dreams. These effects occur in both the wearer and those around them. Several users have reported that MEO-EST induced migraines in themselves or those around them.

    Some users report a social harmonizing effect; those exposed seem to be more relaxed and comfortable, and display increased attention and affection toward the wearer. An energizing or exciting quality has also been reported, with several female users describing "butterflies in the stomach."

    At doses from 100-150mcg, users report intense sexual attraction, arousal, and disinhibition, particularly in women.

    This molecule has perhaps more individual field reports than any other single pheromone molecule, yet is deeply in need of blinded testing to improve the quality of information available about its effects at various dose ranges, and to determine whether the current supply exhibits similar behavior to the previously available supply. However, health concerns related to the molecule's active estrogenic effects make it inadvisable to conduct such tests.

    Usage in Pheromone Products

    • The only known pheromone product to include methoxyestratetraenone is True Love from True Pheromones.

    Where to Buy MEO-EST

    • True Pheromones sells this moleculeĀ as a 1mg/mL concentrate in either ethanol or DPG.

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